Knife Gate Valves
Manufacturing the valve you need


Your project deserves a proven quality supplier, a personalized budget and a good supply capacity from the manufacturer.
Our valves ensure control fluids efficiently, one of the most competitive products on the world market.PABLO GOMEZ – GENERAL MANAGER
In CMO work closely with our customers. Communication is our cause because it promotes customer and the ability to troubleshoot service.JOSETXO DIEZ – NATIONAL DIRECTOR
Our valves are used in various industrial applications, such as the chemical industry, paper pulp, gates for dams and canals, mining, sludge control.IKER DIEZ – PRODUCTION DIRECTOR
Our Quality Management complies with the norms DIN, EN and ISO9001 which was certified originally in 1997. Our products satisfy the highest requirements of security, resistance and lifetimeDANIEL CALVO – HEAD OF QUALITY
The current market’s dynamic has obliged us to answer immediately to its requirements, so we have a wide stock of most habitual valves.BORJA BIANCHI – EXPORT AREA
The constant modernization of the centres of Design, Manufacturing and Quality Management System allow us supplying products with certified guarantee.JOSE ANTONIO JUSTO – TECHNICAL HEAD OFFICE

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Manufacturing the valve you need