Slurry Valves GD Series

Tipologia Knife Gate Valves

Descrição do produto

Slurry valves

Slurry knife gate valves for very loaded products with solids, used for suspended matter in mining. It does not present neither salient nor any split in the pipe. It is not needed any joint between the flanges as it is incorporated in the body.
Bidirectional wafer‐design knife gate valve.
Monoblock one‐piece cast iron body.
Stainless steel gate. Two rubber sleeves.
Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop.
Various seat materials available.

This valve main characteristic is that it provides a full continuous flow. 
The GD valve’s body is composed of one single “monoblock” piece. 


Slurry valve. If it is used for dry solids in gravity feed applications it should be installed with the arrow on the body pointing in the opposite direction to the flow.

Designed for applications such as:

Paper Industry, Mining, Silo emptying, Chemical plants, Bumping Food, Industry Sewage treatment.

Dimensões de fabricação

Estándar desde DN 50 a DN 600.
Para diâmetros maiores consultar.

Pressão de trabalho

DN 50-600 = 10 bar
DN 700-900 = 6 bar
DN 1000-1400 = 4 bar

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