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Butterfly Valves

The main characteristic of CMO’s ME butterfly valves is the double eccentric design. The rotation shaft is offset from the central plane of the clapper, and in turn is also offset from the central plane of the valve body, thus obtaining double eccentricity.
A highly effective sealing system is achieved thanks to this double eccentricity. As soon as the valve starts to open, the elastomer seal is no longer pressed and does not come into contact with the body. For this reason the seal is not pressed until the moment of sealing, thus avoiding any contact and extending its working life. Furthermore, since the rotation shaft is offset from the central plane of the body, the flow always tends to shut off the valve; this is a big advantage when the valve operates as a safety valve in emergency situations.


This butterfly valves are suitable for working in line and as a safety valve in emergency cases. It is widely used  in pressure pipes  in hydroelectric plants.


DN200  a  DN3000
(Larger sizes to order)

Working pressures

The  differential  pressure  (ΔP)  these  valves  can work at is very variable; they are designed for the specific  needs  of  each  project, but  can  be designed  to  withstand  pressures  of  up  to  100 kg/cm²


• Pressure Equipment Directive:
(PED) ART 4.3 /CAT.1.
• Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive:
(ATEX) CAT.3 ZONA 2 y 22 GD.

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