Knife Gate Valve – Serie F

Product description

Unidirectional valve wafer design.

One‐piece cast body with guides to support gate and seat wedges. Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop. Various seat and packing materials available. Face‐to‐face dimension in accordance with CMO Valves standard. It has an arrow on the body indicating the flow direction. Usually mounted under a hopper, to prevent any kind of solids accumulating on the seat, has a special body design and it is assembled with the body arrow in the same direction as the fluid. When a knife gate valve remains open for long periods of time and the body’s internal walls are parallel a very large torque is usually required to close it. However, the inside of the body of model F is cone‐shaped, which provides greater space and, this way, when the valve is closed the solids stored inside it can be easily removed.


This knife gate valve is suitable for working with dry products like powder and grain. It is generally used for gravity discharge of dry solids. Designed for the following applications: -Mining  ‐Silo emptying ‐ Electrical power stations ‐ Chemical plants ‐ Food Industry


  • DN50 a DN1200
  • (Larger sizes on request).

Working pressures

  • DN50 a DN150     3 bar
  • DN200 a DN300     2 bar
  • DN350 a DN400  1,5 bar
  • DN450 a DN1200     1 bar


• Pressure Equipment Directive:
(PED) ART 4.3 /CAT.1.
• Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive:
(ATEX) CAT.3 ZONA 2 y 22 GD.

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